Thanks for dropping by. I’m Lisa. I live in San Francisco and love to camp. I definitely don’t get to do it as much as I’d like, but I’m hoping to change that. When I go camping, I’m all about the creature comforts and the balance of nature. Yes, I enjoy communing with the great outdoors, but I also need my good coffee, amazing food, a comfy bed and anything else that lets me enjoy the experience to the fullest. As the Glampaholic.com tag line says…Roughing it is not my style!

When I’m not camping, I am a online content strategist who consults on a variety of issues including online marketing, branding, and social media. As a former reporter, editor and journalist for more than two decades, I also love to write and share my experiences.

I’ll hope you’ll keep coming back to follow my glamping adventures, product reviews,  advice on places to stay and more. You’ll also likely see pics of my beloved-furry doggie pal, Benny, who also loves glamping!



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