Lounging About is in the Air

There are few things more frustrating not having a comfortable seat when you want it. Okay, maybe lugging heavy chairs or storing bulking seating options or even blowing them up if that is required, are also annoying. So, yeah, I guess there are several irksome things about seating.lamzac

Well, problem solved. There are a couple of options out there that allow you to pack, store, carry, and inflate colorful, large seating easily. These new seating options (or more like inflatable lounge canoes) use the power of the air that is all around us to inflate quickly. They also deflate in seconds, roll up and store in a tiny package. I can see having a few of these on hand brighten up any glampsite and make it truly comfortable to hangout and enjoy your surroundings.

lamzac flat

Check out the Lamzac Hangout and the Laybag. Both of these inflatable lounge options aren’t cheap around $70, but the saving in storage space and ease of inflation might be worth it.

By the way: If you watch the videos for these products, notice that they never show anyone trying to get out of these canoe shaped seats. I have a feeling that sinking into the comfy seats is much easier than getting out.




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