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Coffee is My Glamping Must-Have

Glamping means many things to many people. For some it’s staying in a prebuilt tent structure with luxurious bedding. For others it’s all about glamming up the campsite with fun and festive decorations. And still for some, it’s about creating gourmet food out in the wild.

camping and coffee

Whatever you’re idea of glamping is, there is probably one thing you can’t live (or glamp) without. For me, that’s good coffee. I’d rather sleep on the hard ground than go without my cup of joe. Ideally, I’d prefer to have both and more, but coffee is the most essential item on my glamping list.

Often the best moments of my glamping trips are waking up early, sitting at at a picnic table or a comfy camping chair sipping my coffee and enjoying the peaceful beauty of my surroundings. It’s not just coffee, it’s an experience – a moment, if you will.

A few years ago I started brewing my own cold-brew coffee. I drink it at home all day, everyday. I rarely have a cup of hot coffee since I started the cold brewing process. This makes it simple to bring along great coffee when I go glamping. Instead of brewing just one gallon at a time, as I usually do, I make up a few gallons (depending on the number of people that will be at my campsite) and find that my fellow glampers love it.

Here’s a link to a post a wrote for a friend’s website on how to make the cold brew.

And for those that still want their steaming cup of java, I find simple is better. Sure, there are lots of gadgets for making coffee outdoors. Most of these are expensive and more money doesn’t necessarily mean better coffee. I say go for using an AeroPress or a simple stove top espresso maker, or a pour over solutions like a Chemex. Also just a simple French press is perfect for a great cup of coffee.

So, wake up and enjoy your cold or hot coffee while taking in the beauty of nature.

Let me know the one things you can’t glamp without.